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L’Empreinte du vice (1998)

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L'Empreinte du vice (1998). Although he got married to pretty Laure, Philip keeps on regularly frequenting "Le Domaine des Biches", a luxury whorehouse, strongly managed by Maeva, a statuesque beauty. When she happens...

Homeward Bound

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Homeward Bound.

La Rabatteuse (1978)

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Robert (Ghislain Van Hove) agrees to keep an eye on the friends' girlfriend while the other is out of the country. The girl in question, Jocelyne (Brigitte Lahaie), in return persuades any woman who catches Roberts fa...

Suprêmes jouissances (1977)

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Martine, Mimi and Doris have had enough of providing for their slacker boyfriends. They decide to rent a place of their own, as well as a manservant. Soon, their newfound decadent lifestyles causes them to lose their ...

Ma mere me prostitue (1982)

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Nicole Segaud has a daughter who is a keen dancer, but it seems the mother has no money, or maybe she's a hooker herself as she goes with a man in a limo out into the country where she is raped by a couple of bikers w...

Diamond Baby (1984)

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After a diamond heist, the two thieves have a falling-out and one, Laurent, decides to sell the stolen diamonds himself, cutting out his former partner. The partner is just as determined to get the stones for himself ...

Cuissardes (1978)

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Teen adventures of the sexual tornado Marylin Jess. Everything ends with group orgy.

La princesse et la pute 1 (1996)

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Powerful financiers, the Piroshki brothers are the hidden masters of the Principality of San Clito, the "paradise of nabobs" where all the pleasures are possible for who can put the price. After a stupid bet, our two ...

Internats-geheimnisse junger madchen

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Hello, dear ribu classic fan, for Evi, the young brunette with the crispy big breasts, it was always something special to help her stepfather during masturbation. Christine, on the other hand, as a cool blond Swedish ...

La femme-objet (1981)

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A science-fiction writer creates a sexy robot-girl.

Poker show (1980)

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The "Poker Show is a superb French porn, one of the best," quoted several English specialty journals. This film on DVD brings together French stars and film performers. Marilyn Jess is, in this surprising production, ...

L’innocenza violata (1997)

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Love for art can lead to ruin, dragging innocent people into an infinite vortex of passion and sin ...

Dracula XXX

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XV century Prince Vlad Tepes tries unsuccessfully to escape his wife during an invasion of Romania by the Turks. Vlad is killed, while his wife is kidnapped and tortured until he grant to the sultan sexually. Repeated...

Ejacula La Vampira (1992)

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Max film Bellokko “Ejacula, la vampira” based on “Dracula” by Bram Stoker can cause not only nostalgia specific sense of humor, in the 1990s already outgoing, and from modern mainstream completely eroded, but the lege...

Les nuits de la présidente (1997)

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What is the common point between this beautiful prostitute and the refined director of a powerful corporation? Having discovered her well-kept , a mysterious disabled man, wearing a black hat will subdue the young lad...

Behind The Green Door (1972)

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A beautiful woman is abducted and initiated into a live sex act on a private stage, participating in lesbianism, interracial sex and a public orgy.

La ruée vers Laure

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La ruée vers Laure. As an unwilling resident in a house where everything looks fishy, Laure is initiated to the worse perversions and leads us into the special education she has to suffer from her hosts.

Body Love (1977)

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Body Love (1977)

Dans le chaleur de St Tropez (1981)

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Dans le chaleur de St Tropez (1981).

French finishing school (1981)

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This school is a place where young girls receive the best education in the arts of refined living. They may enter as girls, but they leave as women. Samantha is a sexy, eager young student when it comes to the art of ...

Le Journal d’une infirmière

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Hired as a nurse in a wealthy family, Laure is in charge of her boss, an idle good looking woman. What they all ignore is that Laure is a very imaginative person who fills her erotic daydreams and fantasies with membe...

Bourgeoises et… pute (1982)

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Bourgeoises et... pute (1982).

Couple seeking sex slaves – Brigitte Lahaie

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Brigitte Lahaie is absolutely incredible in the role of a nymphomaniac wife. With her husband's complicity, she accumulates sexual adventures, discovers the joys of multiple-partner pleasure, gives free reign to her h...

Le Parfum de Mathilde

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The revenge of Sir Remy (Christopher Clark), an aristocrat who, disgusted by the infidelities of his former wife Mathilde, decides to marry a young woman named Eva (Draghixa) who bears some resemblance to his first wi...

Wild play girls

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Wild play girls.

Marilyn and the senator (1975)

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Female CIA agent wants to have a baby, and selects a senator to be the father. He is married, but accepts to meet the sexy agent at the Watergate Hotel, and also her US$10,000 as front payment. First, he can't perform...

L’Indécente aux enfers

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L'Indécente aux enfers. A young woman visits a psychiatrist, seeking help with her nymphomania. The sessions with the psychiatrist reveal memories of past lives full of similar sexual experiences.

The erotic adventures of lolita

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The erotic adventures of lolita.

Desires within young girls (1977)

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Desires within young girls (1977).

Le Droit De Cuissage

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Le Droit De Cuissage.

Les petites filles

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Les petites filles.

Joe D’Amato – Homo Erectus (1995)

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Joe D'Amato - Homo Erectus (1995).

Je suis a prendre

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Helene is a young, sexually inexperienced women. That all changes after she drinks some milk laced with an aphrodisiac. Now she is overcome by sexual desire, and will do anything to achieve fulfillment.

Les petites ecolieres (1980)

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Madame of a brothel (Brigitte Lahaie) has been busted by the cops. So she decides to open it up again under the guise of an all girls school. The school though is not a typical one; here the girls are taught how to pl...

Up And Cummers 12

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Up And Cummers 12.

The Image

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Based on the novel by “Jean De Berg” (the non de plume of Catherine Robbe-Grillet), the story is very much what you might expect from this genre. Going back to Pauline Raege’s The Story of O and even further back to L...

Up And Cummers 11

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Up And Cummers 11.

Deep Throat 1972 – Linda Lovelace

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Deep Throat 1972 - Linda Lovelace.

Porno Holocaust

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A group of castaways wash ashore on a deserted island in this Italian sex/gore movie. They are unaware that a sex-crazed radioactive stranger is also on the island. He attacks and fucks several of the women, who die h...

Please! Cum Inside Me 2

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Please! Cum Inside Me 2. I know most girls want you to pump out your load where they can watch the huge gushing gooey mess of cum all over their bodies, but I`m a little different. I cum big time when I feel that hot,...

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